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Tea Set

Traditional Chinese, Western & Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine 

Compassionate personalized herbal solutions for optimal wellness and unsolved health challenges that prevent you from living your best life. Regain the quality of life you deserve!


Meet the Practitioner

Carmen Portner is a Clinical Herbalist, Health Coach, and student of Holistic Nutrition. She is based in Naples, Florida, serving the community in Southwest Florida and online to the rest of the United States.

We speak English and Spanish.


Our approach is holistic, encompassing mind, body and spirit. We work together to discover the symptoms and root cause of your imbalances and craft a personalized herbal plan to restore your innate harmony.

Women's Issues


Digestive Imbalances

Stress & Tension



What Clients Say

Carmen is my favorite herbalist I’ve worked with so far. My sessions are thorough and informative, and I feel truly supported on my health quest. I am also incredibly appreciative of how organized and proactive she is with my prescriptions and appointments. She makes ordering herbs so simple, and designs the remedies with my lifestyle in mind. Her professionalism and etiquette are as strong as her empathy and commitment. 

Rhea C.

"The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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